developing e-commerce opportunities for digital media content C4 Depot is a site serving artists and animators who use the popular Cinema 4D software to create leading-edge 3D models used on websites, in movies and video games, in advertising and print publications and other media.  This is the only known site offering both free tutorials and an online marketplace where users can buy and sell digital products created with Cinema 4D software.  Sellers will have their own stores on the marketplace.  Fotos and Footage is a digital media marketplace offering royalty-free downloads of stock photos, vector art, 3D models and video clips.  Like its affiliate site, True Vine Images, Fotos and Footage will also offer on- demand custom photo products that its stock images can be applied to. Fotos and Footage is designed to serve the overall stock image market estimated at $1.8 billion annually as well as the $2.3 billion a year custom photo products market.            Our Current Development Projects Copyright © 2012 Digital Development Partners True Vine Images is a stock photo and custom photo products market- place targeted to the Christian community comprised of an estimated at 2.1 billion adherents worldwide.  According to Pew Internet, 77% of the U.S. population online are Christians and according to Faith Online, 64% of Christians have purch- ased online.  CBA, the association of Christian retailers, reports that Christians purchase more than $4.63 billion in gifts and merchandise annually along with $65 million in Christian greeting cards.  [HOME]