developing e-commerce opportunities for digital media content           ABOUT US Copyright © 2012 Digital Development Partners Digital Development Partners (”DDP”) is a joint venture between James Group Studios, Inc. and American Information Marketing, Inc.  DDP was founded to provide a vehicle for the collaborative projects and ventures of the two companies.  These are exclusively focused on e-commerce opportunities for digital content and currently include True Vine Images, Fotos and Footage, and C4 Depot.  The first two ventures are owned 50/50 by the two partner companies.  DDP also owns a significant stake in C4Depot along with C4 Depot partner Gruba Enterprises.   James Group Studios, Inc. is owned and managed by James Steidl, recently ranked the 30th most downloaded   photographer in the world.  His stock photos have been used by Disney Studios, CNN,, MetLife, The   History Channel, New York Times, Hammond World Atlas (cover), 60 Minutes and Popular Science to name a few. All   three online marketplaces feature the images of both James and his talented associate, Kyle Gruba.    For over 25 years, James has has also created acclaimed branding, packaging and advertising for numerous   international accounts. An expert designer as well as an accomplished illustrator, writer and photographer, James has   earned kudos for his work and was featured in the premiere issue of Create Magazine for his packaging design with   Spa Sciences.   American Information Marketing, LLC (”AIM”) is owned and managed by Tommi Pryor, a veteran career marketer, who   has owned a full-service marketing communications agency serving a distinguished client list including three U.S.   Presidential campaigns, 65 U.S. Congressional offices, prestigious national nonprofits including The Red Cross and   U.S. Chamber of Commerce, respected publishers including The Kiplinger Letter and Health Facts, political   committees and advocacy groups including the RNC and Center for Science in the Public Interest and prominent   national ministries and relief organizations.    Tommi has also served as a strategic consultant to telecommunications giant SPRINT and to HOSTS Learning, then   the oldest and largest academic mentoring company in the nation.  She has also served in senior management positions   at two leading corporations and has both founded and managed start-ups in the direct marketing, Internet, merchant   services, data and digital marketing fields.  In the Internet field this included FamilyHost, a family-friendly portal and   host to the websites of prominent national ministries and nonprofits, and Kids’ Search, one of the first “safe” children’s   search engines. Both were acquired by an investor group in early-stage development. [HOME]