developing e-commerce opportunities for digital media content         IN DEVELOPMENT Copyr C4 Depot is a site serving artists and animators who use the popular Cinema 4D software by Maxon computer to create leading-edge 3D models used on websites, in movies and television, in video games, in architecture and engineering, in science, in advertising and print publications and in other media. With its platform independent plug-ins, Maxon’s website states that “it has created a way for all users to be able to 'get into' 3D with their software by pursuing this route.”  A number of films and related works have been modeled and rendered in Cinema 4D.  Among others, this includes Beowolf, Spider-Man 3, War of the Worlds, Chronicles of Narnia, Inception, Doom, Polar Express, Alice in Wonderland, Iron Mant2 and the popular HBO series, Boardwalk Empire.  One indicator of market size is the number of Google searches for the product with a search for “Cinema 4D software” at 10,900,000, “Cinema 4D” at 5,020,000 and “Cinema4D” at 4,460,000.  C4 Depot was created to provide content to Cinema 4D users that will work flawlessly within the software’s environment.  Everything sold on the website will have been created inside Cinema 4D so the geometry and tags will work perfectly as originally created.  Nothing is being ported from another program into C4 Depot.   C4 Depot is the only known site offering both free tutorials and an online marketplace where users can buy and sell digital products created with Cinema 4D software, a 3D modeling, animation and rendering application from Maxon Computer.  According to its website, “Maxon has created a way for all users to be able to ‘get into’ 3D with their software with Cinema 4D’s platform independent plug-ins. Sellers will have their own stores on the marketplace.  This is significant in multiple ways.  First of all, Sellers will benefit from the SEO and marketing efforts of the C4 Depot marketplace while C4 Depot will likewise benefit from the SEO and marketing efforts of the Sellers.  In addition, this business model creates two revenue channels for C4 Depot:  recurring store hosting fees and e-commerce fees (the latter is billed as a percentage of of each sale).  Advertising on the website, including Google AdSense, banners and partner sponsorships provides a third channel of revenue. Another benefit of C4 Depot for sellers is its innovative “real-time” distribution of sales proceeds as soon as the buyer’s payment successfully processes at the conclusion of check-out.  In contrast, the leading competitor sites do not distribute sales proceeds to Sellers for 30-60 days.  This also benefits C4 Depot and owner Digital Development Partners because it avoids the administrative burden and possible liability attached to sales tax collection and reporting, backup withholding and reporting, responsibility for returns, etc.  Rather than C4 Depot paying the Seller, the Seller is technically paying C4 Depot with the e-commerce fee distributed directly to C4 Depot out of the buyer’s payment at checkout. Adding value and “stickiness” to the site, C4 Depot also offers a Blog, Forums and a Jobs Board.  In terms of market size, one indicator is the number of keyword searches on Google estimated by Google at 1,500,000 global monthly searches with competition for Ad Words ranked low.  What is especially intriguing about this venture is unit of sale not market size.  Where stock photos and other microstock imagery typically fetch around $5 per royalty-free download, and on the low-side might be priced at $1.00 or less and up to around $25 on the high side, 3D models and textures can fetch from around $35 to well over $200 per download. The C4 Depot website at has been in development since September 2011.  It is anticipated that the site will be ready to enter public Beta by May 1, 2012.  Copyright © 2012 Digital Development Partners [HOME] [HOME]