developing e-commerce opportunities for digital media content        ENTERING DEVELOPMENT Copyright © 2012 Digital development Partners Fotos and Footage to be launched at is a general stock image website featuring photos, vector art, 3D models and video clips.  The site, currently in development, will become part of a robust market with annual sales estimated at $1.8 billion.  All of the leading stock image websites have enjoyed phenomenal growth even throughout the recession. Fotos and Footage will be able to gain a competitive position through its innovative payment platform and its user-friendly site features: True Vine Images 1.  Fotos and Footage, along with its affiliate True Vine Images, are the first and only known microstocks to offer immediate payment at time of sale to the content contributor whose image(s) are the subject of the purchase. The distribution of proceeds between Fotos and Footage and the content contributor happens transparently and automatically during the customer's check-out process.  With other microstocks, the content contributor is forced to wait 30 days or longer for their share of the proceeds from a sale.  This is important because there has proven to be a direct correlation between the number of images in a stock photo site’s inventory and its sales.  The real-time payout to true Vine Images’ content contributors greatly strengthens its photographer recruitment value proposition. 2.  Both sites have adopted a directory tree style manner of displaying its image categories.  This allows for logical ordering of images into the most relevant and narrowly defined nested subcategories.  None of the leading microstocks offer a directory tree structure.  Users are stuck with browsing through hundreds or thousands of pages of images in broad categories, often irrelevant, which almost certainly leads to search abandonment and lost sales based on search engine users quitting searches after the first three pages of results.  Media Buyers and consumers alike will be grateful for the time saved on Fotos and Footage and True Vine Images. 3.  Likewise, Fotos and Footage’s search engine will only return images that have the actual search terms embedded in their metadata (keywords, description, display name) to prevent hundreds or thousands of irrelevant search results from returning.and 4.  None of the leading microstocks offer an online marketplace for customized photo products although some offer the opportunity to purchase posters or fine art prints.  Likewise, of the leading custom photo product vendors, only one is known to also offer stock images that can be applied on demand to the products, and this recent addition to its website is limited in photo inventory and quality and is not widely known of. The marriage of high-end stock images with on-demand, custom photo products creates numerous revenue channels for Fotos and Footage as well as for sister site True Vine Images.  Each and every one of  the product industries below also showed impressive growth throughout the recession.  These include: Digital Products (stock images and their application to screensavers, e-greeting cards and mobile phone wallpapers);  Physical Products (posters, fine art prints and frames, giftware, home accessories, apparel and accessories, office accessories including mobile phone cases and mousepads, ornaments and traditional greeting cards--all capable of being customized using stock images from the galleries). This business requires no inventory or shipping since partner fulfillment companies will be processing the orders for physical products and drop-shipping to the customers.  It can be run with a limited telecommuter workforce including low- cost, offshore labor and avoids issues such as backup withholding compliance for content contributors since our customers are transacting business directly with the content contributor through our unique payment-splitting at time of sale. Fotos and Footage is currently in development with a target launch date of May 1, 2012. Copyright © 2012 Digital Development Partners [HOME] [HOME]